Welcome to our little fishing village in Baja! Located only 2 hours from the California border and sheltered between the San Pedro Martir Mountain Range and the Sea of Cortez. San Felipe's moderate temperatures and proximity to the US has enticed visitors from all over the world. With the low cost of living, many people have chosen to make San Felipe their vacation
 and retirement destination. 

If you are planning a visit to San Felipe, please contact our friends listed below to assist you with lodging, golfing, dining, and fishing, recommendations. 

However you are considering purchasing property in San Felipe please contact 
Baja Sun Real Estate directly!
Tony Reyes Fishing Tours
Tours along the "Midriff" islands of Baja California, also known as "The fish trap of The Cortez". Tours operated on 
The Jose Andres, the 86 foot flag ship of the fleet or on their newest charter boat, The Tony Reyes. 

Pablo's Sport Fishing Tours
Locally well known, Pablo has had years of experience fishing in San Felipe's waters. Perfect for a few hours of fishing fun! 
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Work Phone:  (686) 577-4092
Cell Phone:     (686) 117-6974
San Felipe Fishing Tours & Guides
San Felipe Fishing Rules & Regulations
Link to The Net's page for the latest fishing license rates.
Blue Road Runner's page with detailed info on how to apply for a fishing license in San Felipe.
Fonatur Official Website
Link to the website for San Felipe's Port Services & Administration. Information regarding boat slips, services provided, fuel supplies, and amenities at the marina. 
San Felipe Information
San Felipe Golf Tours
We can assist you with lodging, dining, and golf tee times at Las Caras de Mexico, located on La Ventana del Mar in 
San Felipe. 

San Felipe Real Estate
Lots, homes, and condos available throughout San Felipe, including Los Sahuaros, Playas de San Felipe, San Felipe town, El Dorado Ranch, La Ventana del Mar, and Playa de Oro. Property management and contractor recommendations also available. 
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